13,000 Properties In Canterbury To Be Upgraded To Full Fibre Thanks To nexfibre!

Exciting news from Canterbury! nexfibre, has kicked off build activity to connect over 13,000 premises in Canterbury to its full-fibre network. This initiative is part of their partnership with build partner and anchor tenant, Virgin Media O2. The investment in Canterbury is a clear indicator of the progress nexfibre is making in deploying its next-gen … Read more

Luton Lights Up: 35,000 Homes Now Have Access to CityFibre’s Full Fibre Network

Over 35,000 premises in Luton can now tap into some of the fastest and most reliable internet services in the UK, thanks to CityFibre’s new full fibre network. CityFibre, the UK’s largest independent full fibre platform, has nearly completed its rollout in the eastern part of Luton, designating homes as ‘Ready for Service.’ This means … Read more

24,000 Homes In Wirral Can Now Access Full Fibre Broadband Thanks To Virgin Media O2

Virgin Media has some exciting news for the Wirral: 24,000 more homes and businesses can now access their gigabit broadband services. If you’re in Wirral, you can now sign up for services like Gig2 broadband, which offers blistering speeds of 2Gbps. That’s a whopping 25 times faster than the local average! Perfect for busy households … Read more

Openreach Announces Additional 517 UK Locations To Upgrade To Full Fibre In Their Build Plan

Openreach, the UK’s largest wholesale broadband network, is back in the news with some exciting updates. They’ve just announced plans to roll out ultrafast, ultra-reliable Full Fibre broadband to 517 more locations across the UK (through their latest build plan). That’s another 2.7 million homes and businesses set to get a serious connectivity upgrade. Now, … Read more

Freedom Fibre awarded £43 million to upgrade broadband infrastructure in rural Cheshire as part of Project Gigabit

More positive news from Freedom this morning! These guys are absolutely on a roll. Going somewhat “under” our radar until early 2024, they’re moving at a rapid pace in the right direction! Their wholesale offering is the talk of the town, and now they have announced a huge Project Gigabit rollout to bring ultra-fast full … Read more

Grain Reaches 30,000 Connected Customers on Their Full Fibre Network

Grain has just hit a major milestone – over 30,000 customers are now connected to their full fibre network. Grain is growing fast, that’s for sure. They have infrastructure in over 50 towns, like Carlisle, Birmingham, Blackpool, Bolton, Bradford, Grimsby, Hartlepool, Hull, Liverpool, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, North Shields, Oldham, and Sunderland. Grain receives lots of … Read more

Vorboss – Laying Fibre, the Right Way

Vorboss, the “altnet” supplying chunky, affordable ethernet to London businesses, has again received recognition from the City of London Corporation as part of the Considerate Contractor Scheme for delivering “exemplary” work. In a nutshell, they’re smashing it when it comes to laying fibre in central London, which, for any engineer or network supplier, knows this … Read more

Cuckoo & GoCardless Continue Their Tech Loving Relationship

Cuckoo has entered into a new three-year agreement with GoCardless to further enhance their “tech-heavy” end-user experience. Now, this usually wouldn’t be the most exciting news to report on, but this is Cuckoo. And Cuckoo is still very much the “disruptor” in the broadband space. I’ve been following Cuckoo’s journey since 2018/2019 when the original … Read more