Home Telecom’s Strategic Move: Understanding the Acquisition of Cuckoo’s Openreach Base

Cuckoo’s Openreach/TalkTalk base has been acquired by Home Telecom (part of the Telecom Acquisitions Group). An undisclosed number of customers will now be served via Home Telecom. Here’s our take on the major announcement. Cuckoo stands out from the crowd with its unique branding and “high level” of support for customers seeking a more personal … Read more

Openreach Reports 2.5% Increase in UK Broadband Traffic During 2022

Openreach, the UK’s largest broadband network provider, has reported a 2.5% increase in broadband traffic across the country during 2022. The figures are based on millions of homes and businesses using large providers such as BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Vodafone, and Zen. The growth is attributed to live online streaming of football matches, people turning to … Read more