B4RN Continues Network Growth In Rural North

B4RN (Broadband 4 the Rural North) is continuing to extend its network in the North, focusing on more “hard-to-reach” locations and announcing further plans to expand across Northumberland and County Durham. The “Community Benefit Society” business has already connected 13,000 customers and passed over 25,000 properties. Although, compared to other “altnets,” the number of properties … Read more

Brigantia take centre stage at Infosecurity Europe

Cybersecurity Distributor, Brigantia, are exhibiting for the very first time at Europe’s leading security event – Infosecurity Europe. Showcasing their impressive growth, the cybersecurity distributor will be making their presence known at the three-day event, exhibiting at one of the most sort after stands in the expo. Exhibiting at Infosecurity Europe is a significant milestone … Read more

Cityfibre Completes Full Fibre Build In Kettering

CityFibre has now provided superfast full fibre access to over 25,000 homes (approximately 86% of residential properties and most businesses) in Kettering. They began building in 2022 and allocated £17 million to the project. To date, the total amount of fibre cable laid equates to over 162 kilometres! They’ve hit their target of passing over … Read more

Nexfibre To Bring full-fibre broadband to over 30,000 premises in Sedgefield in 2024

nexfibre, the giant open access (network only, with ISP’s providing internet on top) “altnet” (altnertive network to Openreach), has just unveiled its latest plans to connect over 30,000 premises in Sedgefield to their ultra fast FTTP network. This strategic investment forms part of nexfibre’s plan to extend its reach to over 40,000 premises throughout Durham … Read more

CityFibre Hits 400,000 Customer Connections and Positive EBITDA performance for entire first quarter of 2024

Big news is coming from CityFibre this morning. They hit a pretty impressive milestone of connecting 400,000 customers and more importantly, announced a positive EBITDA for their first quarter of 2024! The sales performance of CityFibre’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) partners has shown remarkable improvement, with customer connections surpassing 400,000, a staggering 77% increase year-on-year. … Read more

Freedom Fibre, Keeping It Clean -Altnet Provides North Shropshire Communities with Litter Picking Kits

Freedom Fibre has taken a proactive step to keep Shropshire clean by distributing litter pick kits across North Shropshire. Freedom Fibre, the rapidly growing altnet, is currently in the process of rolling out its lightning-fast full-fibre broadband network to residences and businesses throughout North Shropshire. The network is pretty well known for community projects. Their … Read more

Brsk Hits 500,000 Properties Passed!

Brsk continues to build at an impressive pace, with the altnet announcing their addition of 30,000 properties each month, bringing their total to 500,000 properties passed as of last week! While some “altnets” may be slowing down on the build side, the same cannot be said for Brsk. Operating in the West Midlands and the … Read more

Vorboss Push For Ofcom to Implement Automatic Compensation for Business Broadband Customers

Vorboss, the go-to provider of direct internet connectivity solutions for businesses across London, is urging Ofcom to implement an automatic compensation system tailored for business clients. Back in 2019, Ofcom rolled out automatic compensation measures for consumers, which not only boosted compensation payouts but also spurred quicker resolutions to connectivity issues. Vorboss contends that now … Read more

Cuckoo Appoints New MD – Sarah Howells

Cuckoo, the broadband disruptor known for entering the market to “fix a broken industry,” today announced the appointment of Sarah Howells as Managing Director. Sarah, previously Cuckoo’s Chief Customer Officer, will now take on the newly created role. Sarah will be in charge all customer-facing operations, encompassing Sales, Customer Service, User Experience, Digital, Brand, Marketing, … Read more